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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Hey guys,
I know some of you guys from the DR650 mega thread. I have a DR650 but I'm still kicking around the idea of a lighter, smaller ADV travel bike.

As I browse this thread I don't see many KLX guys going longer rides ... fully loaded with gear. Anyone? (PS ... have not read every page ... but quite a few of the 500 odd pages)

Has anyone done serious ADV travels on this bike? Links to Ride Reports?
Can you carry panniers on the KLX? ... or only Giant Loop type bags? Not seen any pics of KLX with soft panniers.
How much weight can the sub frame handle in terms of load while riding on very bad roads and dirt wash board ... 8 hours a day, for weeks?

I'm impressed by the 351cc engine up grades. Sounds like an incredible improvement. I've noticed a few guys with 5000 miles or so ... any high mileage examples yet of the 351?

How about high mileage stock KLX's? Could a KLX make a trip of 20,000 miles and survive? carrying a load on rough roads / some off road?
We were doing a 700 mile off road weekend when mine decided to die. Turned out a
a counter balance bearing failed and did a fair amount of collateral damage. New crank and
as long as it was down did the 351 kit. Big grins now. Huge improvement!!! Maybe a couple thousand
miles on the 351 kit. It's more a playbike so it doesn't get a lot of use. Trail bike of choice over the DR400.

Nap time waiting for the rescue trailer.

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