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Interesting thread, glad I've been able to help in a round about way for making your decision harder.

I've never owned a KTM so I won't speculate as to it's long haul adventuring motor's reliability, but I will share a few highlights of why I'm very happy with the Husa 70.

In less than a year I've put over 13,000 miles with 310 hours on the motor, never had any issues that weren't user caused. I obviously spent a fair amount of time moving fast to get that many miles in such short amount of hours, lots of highway miles and many more gravel road miles, I like to change scenery in single rides, camp in a different place each night and not involved a 4 wheeled vehicle most of the time.
With that, my valves are still in spec after the original break in service, all I've done is change the oil, sometimes putting 2800+ miles between an oil change due to do inability to change the oil where I was at the time. (Baja, TAT, etc) I've had all of my high mile oil analyzed and have yet to have any disturbing reports, running Motorex 4T Power Synth. Most of those reports are posted in the Husa Traveler thread.
The ride that sicks out as the most punishing was 2000 miles riding to and then the western part of the TAT, then due to sudden work coming up I rode 850 miles in a single day, all at interstate speeds back to LA from Oregon, on already old oil.... brutal on the motor. Similar experience when I rode to Baja, then pre-ran the 1000 course, then rode it back rom LaPaz, that last 600 miles of so being interstate.

No issues, and the oil analysis from BlackStone Labs came back obviously worn but still providing adequate lubrication. No red flags.

The user caused issues have been:

I've had a clogged injector, caused by me being sloppy and not following instructions to use wash caps on the fuel quick release lines. I also had removed the new and improved factory fuel filter that located just before the injector while trouble shooting a starting issue that turned out to be a loose battery terminal. It was clogged by introducing dirt into the system via quick release while not have the OEM filter in place. Since then I have put the OEM filter back in line and added a Profill filter on the fuel pump and have had zero issues with any other fuel related things. It's best to just leave it alone.

I stripped the splines on the counter shaft, most likely from being stupid enough to not invest in a cush hub and riding the bike pretty hard on pavement, or too tight of chain, or other things I did to the bike.
When the engine recently was apart, they replaced the piston rings that did show some wear, not enough to necessarily need to be replaced soon, but with how I rack up the miles quickly it was wise to replace them while in there already. Everything else in the motor was normal, and solid.
I then had a rocker arm seize to the shaft due to a blockage of an oil gallery from case sealant from when the motor was put back together after replacing counter shaft.
The bike is all fixed now and going strong, and with a cush hub I expect many more trouble free miles from the Husa.

For me, the FI 70 motor is proving to be just perfect for my Adventures, getting 50+mpg on then highway(@70) slightly less on gravel roads, and still great milage on tight single track trails. Consistent running at any elevation, in any temperatures. With the Safari front tank I can squeeze 200 miles when need be, and sometime carry a MSR bag clipped to my backpack to get even further out there and Lost. I can stretch the oil changes out when need be and drone along an interstate all day without worrying about blowing the motor, or needing to doing major maintenance when I get home. I run 14/45 gearing most of the time.

I have replaced the cam chain tensioner with a Dirt Tricks one.

I can run heated jacket, heated grips, have 55W HID and additional LED lights with all the electrical power it makes OEM, it rides as good on the highway as it does on the trail with a super smooth motor, it is low maintenance, lightweight, powerful and has been very reliable.

Jimmy Lewis told me last year while in DV that he had 500 (woods trail) hours on his Husa and after a tear down inspection nothing needed to be replaced.

It's too bad they don't make them anymore, the word is really getting out as more and more people rack up the hours or miles about how good these motors are for the long haul, glad I have mine and wont be yearning for another ADV bike for quite a while.

Good luck with your decision.

And a favorite Husa photo of mine, since I tend to like sharing visuals.

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