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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
Has anyone on here noticed this?

Everything I have read seems to indicate that this is a next-to-impossible to find part, and yet here it (apparently) is.
I did some research on the site, and despite their homepage looking a bit "off," they seem to be legit. Anyone on here have any experience with this company?

I'm doing research because I have a weak-spark condition.
I've already got a Ricky Stator. I'm thinking of replacing the coil and the CDI. I will do some testing tomorrow to see if I can determine which of those two components is faulty. However, according to my Clymer manual the testing procedure outlined in the manual which is commonly linked in this thread (the Italian site) is no longer considered a valid procedure (never mind the difficulties in determining the differences in the pinouts between the '83-'84 CDI 6-pin single plug and the later style 2- and 4-pin double connector style)

All of which is to say that I do not really know how to determine if my CDI is good or not....

Why wouldn't the testing procedure in the factory manual be valid anymore, and what does the Clymer suggest you do? I'm curious, as I used the factory manual method in testing my CDI.

I ended up getting a Rick's Motorsports one. I believe it is listed as an 88-00 XR600R CDI, and the connector is a match for the '85-'87 XL600R, but it is not the same as the '83-'84 connector. What I ended up having to do (I have an '84) was clip the wires from the connector, put on new individual connectors for each wire, slid them over the appropriate pins on the CDI box, and RTV siliconed the whole connector together to waterproof it. is the same CDI box I got. is where I got some information to determine which pins go to which wires. If I remember correctly, the pinouts are the same between the two CDI boxes you mentioned, just a different connector. If you need, I think I have what I did written on a piece of paper somewhere in my basement, and I'd be happy to share that with you if you need it.

Another thing to note is that this 88-00 XR600R CDI box has an earlier timing advance curve. When I put it on the bike felt 'different' - probably preignition. I started running higher octane gas, and it ran better, but not start better.

I also cleaned my carb after all was said and done. It made a huge improvement in ease of starting. Probably a combination of all those things.
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