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Originally Posted by brianjonesphoto View Post
I think it's about time for a new battery in my dr350 with estart. I've read thru this tread and I think the 4 cell 2.3 will work for me but I have a couple questions.

I don't often ride under 35 degrees but I Do see temps in the 40s regularly. Should I think about a larger battery to deal with this?

On longer multiday backcountry trips I will plug my phone in to charge every few days overnight.(I know I could do it while riding,but I don't like not having my phone on my body while riding) Being that these batteries are starting batteries will this small load cause any issues?

I'm trying to loose weight as well as free up some space in the battery box for a spare rear tube. So the flat 4 cell is appealing but is there any reason to go with the plastic cases square one instead?


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If you ride the bike on really long trips I would go with a battery with more capacity. The 4 cells are for day rides and perfect for bikes with kick starts. Does your bike have a kick?

Currently out of the 4 Cell 2.3 but have the square 4 cells. The best battery for your bike would be the ETX12A

12 Amp hours and strong starts compared to 2.3 Amp hours. You won't have to worry about it.
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