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Originally Posted by lhendrik View Post
Regardless the sealing that can be done, I would put my tool roll into a dry bag with some desiccant packs and make sure the tools were put in a bit oily to keep em from rusting, etc. No reason to expect a totally waterproof solution at this price point in my opinion. Tools placed in toolboxes in my garage have been known to rust with humidity. I still like the idea of this box to hold the tools instead of at the bottom of my adventure case, as then I can just leave them with the bike all the time and not have to drag them around when I unpack at camp or hotel.
Great ideas! I would never expect a tool box (or tube or...) to be waterproof, especially at this price.

Where do you get desiccant packs?

Where can you get a dry bag small enough for a tool pouch? I've only seen larger bags.

This particular tool box is on my "next accessory" list.
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