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Originally Posted by dontlr View Post
My friend who's working the course sent out a picture of him upside down, I'm on the phone so can't get it posted now. I laughed when I heard them say blown motor stopped him, well sure after running it upside down probably.
RG did great in the qualifying race. He took some creative desert racing lines, cutting off the apex of some corners and some other teams took notice. His engine didn't seem to have the same HP/Torque as some of the other top cars, but he made good with it in the qualifier.

On race day i was standing at the first Main Pit 40 miles into the race pitting for Shannon Campbell. The first 30 miles were choppy desert crap that was hard on the cars. Shannon was leading at RM17 and hauling ass when he came over the radio and says "Robby just passed me!". He trailed RG for a mile or two then passed him back before coming into our pit at RM 38. RG was about 5 seconds back and just trailing SC's car to see the lines/course until they got to the rocks.

I also heard he got an award at KOH for punching Pistol Pete the week prior, but I can't confirm that.
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