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Originally Posted by Agent Wayward View Post
Great write up mate!
It was really good to see you and despite the foul weather and various disasters, I'm glad I went.
Cheers Rod.
Once again it was great meeting up with you.
Your company turned a potentially miserable weekend into a fun and laughter filled experience.

Originally Posted by Agent Wayward View Post
I keep saying I won't do it again, and I do mean it when I say it. But somehow, it would be a shame not to get a 2014 badge. I think I'd feel a bit sad if I didn't get one.
Or would I? Hmm. I said in my report...Never Say Never Again.
You have a much longer journey than I do,but you`re no stranger to distance riding....I just reckon that the grim weather (and you being sans sidecar) made it even more of an ordeal for you.
There`s plenty of time to build,buy or borrow a combo for the 2014 rally.

Also,Skaya still has space on her screen for at least one or two more Dragon stickers...
So,once October ticket time is upon us,shall we ??

Originally Posted by Agent Wayward View Post

One thing you missed out mate...


We poked fun at the heroic off road riding gods, who manfully rode around the tarmac roads of the campsite on their globe busting, litre engined, mega trailies; whilst STANDING ON THE PEGS. Wtf?
So each time one went by, we'd shout "TARMAC" and see if they'd understand. I don't think any of them did, but we had fun trying to teach them what their bike seat was for.

How could I have forgotten to mention THAT ??
Absolute highlight of the weekend was yelling "Off Road God" followed by "TARMAC" at the standy up brigade!!
The guy who`s head spun around rapidly as we shouted it was a proper giggle.

I'd only waste my money if I didn`t spend it on all my bikes......
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