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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
Once again it sounds like the cager's brain was looking for a car, so overlooked the possibility of a narrower vehicle hidden by the SUV. This topic was being discussed elsehwere on advrider, and my thought was that driver training should encorporate more motorcycles into their videos, books, and pictures in an effort to train young brains to keep us in mind.
they won't give a sh** regardless. I think it's hopeless to expect things to get any safer for motorcyclists. With all the distracted driving going on right now, it's worse to be in a car or truck too. defensive driving/riding is the only thing you can do, and in the case of the left-turning cager, I think there are times when no level of defensive riding would change the outcome.

Honestly though, I like your idea, I'm just a pessimist and I wonder how much impact it would have.

to the OP, glad your injuries weren't any worse. the left-turner across my path is my nightmare when I'm out riding. seems like there's opportunities for it to happen every time I go out.
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