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andy mac
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I know Mark thinks there is no need for ride reports recently because they cover the same territory however I feel last week's ride deserves comment.

There had been heavy rain earlier in the week and it was immediately visible as the tracks were scoured out by water ruts running downhill. 20 minutes into the 24 hour track we met a trials rider on his 2012 Gasgas 250 and he was amazed at where we were on trail bikes. On the 10 hour track I picked a few wrong lines and had to have 2nd attempts. Then we were into the Lost Valley which had been underwater. Silt was everywhere which made normally boulder sections easier to ride as the moss and slime had been stripped clean. There is a 4 metre high timber debris dam across the river at the bottom of the Devil's Staircase. We backtracked to Titi Rd having taken 6+ hours to cover 20km of technical trials.

I was a very tired boy and didn't recover until midday the next day, riding with these guys definitely pushes my boundaries.
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