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Originally Posted by CramerTV View Post
Thanks Mike. I rode jackrabbits first loop and was ready to try the second but they said the pits had closed. I tried the big loop at DMC and was so slow that sweep caught me going down the side of that hill with the old jeep trail. I'm hoping to ride as many races as I can this year.

Quick question, are the out of state nationals just as tiring and hard as ours? I was wanting to try to do the whole series this year but not sure if I'm up for it and its an awfully long drive for a DNF.
The out of state rounds are definitely "easier".... but its all relative. The Idaho round is all single track in the trees which a lot of riders find much more challenging then our rocks.

Utah has some long sand dune sections that are really challenging but in a different way.

The Penaca, NV round is definitely technical and from what i hear one of the most fun rounds. Plus the city gets behind it, there's a parade lap through the streets and everything. I'll be there this year for sure.

The Reno, NV one (that I'm hosting) is going to be very challenging. Basically like a 2nd loop for 75 miles. I personally dont like bike breaker stuff so it wont push it to hard, but it will never let up. Thats just the terrain that's offered. On top of that there's a truck race going on at the same time which will make spectating AWESOME (epic ;))
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