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What he said.

I did Idaho and the 1st Utah round year before last and I didn't do well. ID was cold, grey and the ground was nice and wet, I just took too long to get on the gas and got a 3rd. In UT it started snowing in Cedar City and never stopped, and when we got to the race site we were faced with an epic mudbog just to get into the pits. It snowed all fucking night and it was colder than a well diggers ass. I DNF'ed that one. I am just not used to those conditions.

I will say, Idaho was a blast even though I sucked. The terrain is incredible and I really wanted to just sight see. Utah probably would have been the same if you could actually see anything.

Panaca last year was cool, but wore me out. A lot of sandwashes and a lot of turns. I will being going again this year And I may try and do Erek's race as well. We'll see how I feel by then
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