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You've got some nice bikes !

Ok, somebody has to be the contrarian, I guess I'll stick my hand in the fire

There is no "right" or "wrong" solution here, but there is an old saying from the
American south I will offer :

"If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy"

If I was in your shoes I'd sell the blue one and keep the two orange ones forever.
The SM and the Adventure are very nice bikes and one less bike won't ruin the
riding situation. Of course sometimes these things are not really about practical
considerations such as money - there can be power struggles in relationships
and sometimes the other person simply wants to know they still have some
power. I have no way of knowing whether this could be at the root of your situation
but human behavior is not as complex as we like to imagine it is, and a lot of what
people do is based on simple stuff which is not that different from what goes on
in a group of chimpanzees ( please understand I do NOT mean any disrespect
when I say this, it's just a comment on behavioral psychology ).

Anyway, why would you even want to ride the blue one when you have the two
orange ones ? I like an LC8 engine bike better than any other road bike I've
ever ridden and I'd be on that supermoto every day the weather permitted.

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