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Originally Posted by SquirrelyGrl View Post

Huh........ Am I missing something?

Is there a thread in ADV for Nashville?
Maybe I need to read closer...........

Are you like, his agent? For this area?

B/c if it were me, (just saying) I'd be hankering to the ADV crowd that is strongest and to me that would be Chattanooga and North Ga, not Nashvegas, but maybe there is $ there. I dunno. But I tell you what, I would give him place to sleep in exchange for a $30 ticket.
Wait, maybe he's like too cool for me tho, not homeboy like. Maybe too good to not spend the night at a local ADV place huh?

More then a few ADV riders in the Nashville area.....Hell i know of one that has ridden around the world.
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