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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
The USA importer does show the zero trials boots. Black or white, retail 330.00 ?
yah that is what I found on other sites with free shipping though.

seems balpark priced to anything else, I just don't personally like the bubblegum soles on the "garne"... I used those soles to resole my hebo's then it seemed I would push the teeth of the pegs I used, into the bubble gum soles, which isnt a problem unless you needed to put your foot down in a hurry. lol. I haven't worn those boots as much since (they were my backup boots) when I got the newer hebo's.

I have had or at least my family have had, several brands... I love the Hebo the best, that they dont make anymore...

Like I said though, I want to try the Sidi, figure I might have to ship them back if they arent good.
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