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[QUOTE=atravlr;20710982]My bike stuttered and stalled, after losing power while riding aprroximately 5 miles. It seemed like it ran out of gas. Started right up on first kick then sputtered and cough for a few seconds then cleared. Drove for a few miles and the same thing happened but at least the bike did not quit. This pattern continued for 2 miles until I got it home. As I peered under my Acerbis large tank I could see tiny bubbles in the gas line hose from the tank to the carb. Tried the next day and after a 3+ miles the same thing occured, same small bubbles almost foam like. I do have a small in line filter. Any answers or similiar problems corrected from my fellow inmates would be appreciated

Suspect the bubbles may be a common occurence thats not noticed, if you had a leak it would be relatively obvious.

Check the following -
  • Water in the float bowl
  • Blocked carby breather hoses
Water in the float bowl will allow the bike to start/idle but will sputter or cut out once the throttle is opened up.
Back it off again and they will (usually) idle/run.
Remove the float bowl cap carefully and have a look inside for droplets or a big globule of water rolling around in there.
Droplets often cause missing/sputtering, a big globule will stop fuel entering the mainjet and cuts the motor completely, until you back off the throttle wherein fuel is drawn in through the pilot jet.

Blocked breather hoses can cause similar issues, if the hoses are long enough snip an inch or so off the end (at an angle) and have a look through for blockages.

Note, this applies to most carbys with a float/bowl (possibly not an Eddie).
Hope it helps

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