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Bradshaw Trail, Mojave Rd, DV-Mengel Pass Big Bike Weekend

John (Catalina38) and I have been talking about a real "big bike" adventure weekend, especially after he installed his massive Safari tank. He now has a good 120 mile range on me now. Anyway when some of the boys started talking about doing a Bradshaw Trail weekend we looked at a map and thought why not a Bradshaw east and Mojave west weekend. It looked like some others were thinking this would be fun as well, then weather reports, vactaion days, already sore buts and a crazy sounding, soon to be ex-wife put the kibash on everyone but me and John.

We got rolling at 6 am under dark, cloudy skies but we were both confident the low desert was going to be sunny and warm. Cresting the Banning Pass we had a little "oh crap' moment when the entire freeway was snow, slush and ice. Several cars and trucks stacked up on the side of the I-10 while the west bound lanes were shut down. That was about 3 miles of sketchy riding between cars and big rigs throwing frozen slush in all directions. Once we hit the desert floor though it was warm and bright blue skies the rest of the day.

We grabbed some sandwiches and headed off towards the Salton Sea, it always reminds me of Baja

We made great time and quickly hit the trail, well kind of quickly

Yep this is it, time to take all the layers off

On our way, I love these messages "discover your public lands"

Perfect conditions

With John riding in front I stopped to get a pic of him going under the trestle, camera wasn't on and I misssed him, but then I really missed him.

At a fork after the trestles, he went left and I went right ... we didn't see each other again for about 45 minutes. Put all the trail sepatation drills to work, stoppig wating, riding ahead and stopping and waiting again. We still had cell service and texted our way back together. We stayed real close afer that.

The only other people around the whole day were the Navy boys chasing each other around. You can see a little speck above the cloud to John's left, those guys were no more than a few hundred feet off the ground dog fighting with each other.

Shortly afterward we came across the boat mold left for trash. Kinda disturbing that someone thought to label it as a GSA ... what are they implying here?

Other than our brief separation and our stop for lunch, we were hauling ass. It was only a little after 2:00 when we hit the farms.

It was early enough that we decided to jump on 95 and head for Avi Casio, spend the night and start the Mojave Rd from there. The whole day on the trail it was blue skies, then that changed. We only caught a few drops. We were riding at 70-75 and those clouds were moving almost as fast.

We were at Avi by 4, showered and sitting down for steaks at 5:30. Big next day coming.
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