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Day 2

We were both up early and in no hurry to get going. The plan all along was to camp somewhere on the Mojave so we took our time getting up and going. We had a big breakfast at the coffee shop and jumped on the Mojave Rd. right out of the casino.

After about 30 minutes of really fun windy jeep track we came to the edge of the Mojave Reserve.

Getting to this point on the trail we had only seen a couple in a jeep and had not seen one person at all on the Bradshaw. We decided to snap and post a pic for he "lost riders" flyer just in case before heading into the reserve.

A view looking east from the first main summit we crossed

Looking west it could be interesting, foothills are covered in snow

The valleys and meadows were just spectacular, from the previous rains, everything was lush and green

We stopped at the penny can and we threw in some change ... all I had were some 5 peso coins left over from Baja

The old railroad monument

the riding conditions were perfect, warm without being hot and gritty, compactetd sand

The rumors are true, lots of deep sand on the Mojave Rd. but the previous rains had made it very managable.

Here was the first sign of what was ahead of us

As we continued climbing, the snow got heavier, it was like powder skiing everytime we hit a bush on the trail, powdery snow would fly everywhere.

At the summit here it was just over 30 degrees and my camera stopped working, it was so amazing ... it was like somehing out of an old western painting. Along the trail there was a large tree that was completely white and frozen that looked like a post card. Through this range our track took us through a very large sand river bed. The top crust was frozen, underneath was compacted and overall about 10" or more deep. It was interesting going about 4500 rpm in 4th gear and rolling at about 15 mph.

We came out of the snow and the camera fired up again. Warmed up a lot.

Right before we got to Kelebaker Rd we stopped for a little break. Found a bunch of little pumpkin looking thngs all over the place here.

We decided to roll to Baker from here and grab some lunch. It was 2:00 and we started thinking, well no camping on the Mojave so where to now. Plans took hold and we got on the bikes and headed for DV.
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