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The plan is to get into San Cristobal (220 miles). The first 180 miles is boring paved highways. Then once passed Tuxla Guitierrez we start climbing into the mountains. At one point we stop for the view and take a photo.

First highrise I've seen in a while (TG):

Then I tell Alex to snap a picture while I ride a wheelie up the highway. Pull out, shift, slam the throttle, front wheelie barely off the ground, little clutch work, only a foot off the ground. What the hell! Check the GPS and realize we are over a mile high, the bike is running way rich and I’ve got no power.

Climbing through the mountain landscape the indigenous Mayan people dotted the roadside carrying supplies, riding horses, herding sheep, etc…

We crested the hills at over 7K feet and dropped into San Cristobal. Followed signs to the city center and then stopped at the first decent looking hotel (Hotel D’ Monica). Nice, clean, wifi, locked garage, Perfect!

Cleaned up and ate some cheap quesadilla’s then headed out for town on foot. Rough cobblestone streets and pavers created the sidewalks. We walked through some of the old churches and explored the market place. Thousands of locals selling their wares on the streets and was quite the bustling little city.

The door on this church was badass. About 5" thick with steel studs protruding....definitely built to keep someone OUT.

In the evening we even walked in on a mass service in procession just to listen/watch for a few minutes. Didn’t understand anything….
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