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a bunch more and lots of pictures

Day twenty four: 2-8-13
We woke up in our fancy hotel in our comfortable bed and decided to stay another night. I mean its easily in the budget if you don’t eat or drink or go anywhere right… Well we had a lot of things to do anyways and needless to say I blew the budget today. I had to go buy a new camera first off, which I found at the Super Che. We needed to change our oil, and do some laundry. So after picking up a new camera we went to the yamaha motorcycle shop to get some oil. Well it turns out the yamaha shop doubles as a fishing store so I grabbed a “handline” I think its called and some hooks and swivels and weights.

Then we went and walked around figuring it would be better to change the oil in the dark as to not upset the management in our nice hotel. We made a mess.

After we changed the oil it was time to celebrate. We heard some music going on a few blocks away and decided to check it out. Well I guess it’s Carnival in Puerto Escondido!

We played games, got drunk and watched the nice “girls” dance topless and sing songs. (They were not at all girls and not trying to hide it)

Day twenty five: 2-9-13

We rode a little bit, about 300k to a town called Salina Cruz. The view coming into Salina Cruz was amazing, and there was a very nice tunnel right before entering the city.

I guess the nice tunnel was just there to funnel all the shittyness inside. The town was dirty, stinky, and somehow expensive. We rolled into a cheap looking hotel after searching around and looking for a decent place proved to cost upwards of 500 pesos. There a shirtless drunk guy asked us what the fuck we were doing in Salina Cruz? “Fucked up shit happens here man” he said staggering around where we were about to park our bikes. I took this as “Don’t leave your bikes there or they will be gone come morning” and we got back on the road in search of a place with a locking parking lot. We found one for 400p, went and got some street food,

and watched some movies that Marnix gave me back in Tequila. It’s funny how when you don’t know where you are going, you end up jumping around between cheap luxury and expensive shitholes.

Day twenty six: 2-10-13

We got on the road early ready to get the fuck out of Salina Cruz and into San Cristobal. We have heard from a lot of people along the way that San Cristobal was an awesome place and decided to make the detour inland. The road was nice, winding up the mountains to a cooler elevation. We pulled down into the main plaza and immediately found a nice place, right on the main plaza for cheap. We unpacked our stuff and went exploring. We got some food and some beers and found a few historic buildings mixed in with the mazes of street vendors.

We even spoted this local police motorcycle.

This town did not disappoint. The only thing that sucks about this place is the veracity of the people trying to sell you things. They will not take no for an answer. And a lot of them are the cutest little kids with big doe eyes and you feel so bad not buying the shitty little trinkets they are peddling. But I made it through the night without too much crap and went back to the hotel knowing that tomorrow I needed to be well rested.

Day twenty seven: 2-11-13
Today we were off to Palenque, a big Mayan ruin about 250k away from San Cristobal with a few stops along the way. We knew the road was nice and twisty and figured with the stops we had planned it would take us the better part of the day. Besides the condition of the road and the million topes along the way the ride was pretty awesome. It was pretty much 35kph corners the whole way that we could of course take much faster. There were a lot of places where the road looked like it had washed out and they just kind of filled it in so we were pretty careful. At our highest we hit about 7800 feet and then back down into a valley, back up again and so on… after about 125km we split off to the side to visit a lesser known ruin called Tonina. This place was way cool and had a lot of recent history with the Zapatista movement, (so does San Cristobal) and a lot of EZLN paintings.

If you don’t know what that is check it out. Its kind of similar to the Che Guevera thing but much more recient. In fact a guy told me that 50000 EZLN members marched through San Cristobal this past December. Anyways the ruins were pretty impressive for the nice price of FREE! Awesome. Except it was hot as shit and I was sweating more than I ever had in my life! Well worth it though.

On to our next stop Agua Azul. This place was crowded with tour busses and little kids with big doe eyes trying to sell you stuff. The water was very blue as promised and the falls were cool too.

I was told there was a series of them but we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our bikes with all the stuff on them. Back on the road to find our spot in Palenque. We pulled in and had no problem finding the place we looked up the night before. Mayabell had little bungalows and campspots underneath palapas.

We chose the campsite for the low price of 70p each. (about 5 dollars). We went to the bar for some mechiladas, and hit the hay.

Day twenty eight: 2-12-13
We woke up excited and ready to see the park. We were the first ones in the door after witnessing a couple of the tour guides get in a fist fight. Anyways being the first ones in is awesome. You get to see a bunch of stuff and get good pictures without a bunch of tourists in them.

And a few videos. sorry they're so shakey I'll work on it.

Im pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be in there in that last video but I climbed up that wall in the above picture and got into this awesome tower thing.

We left around noon, went back and packed up all our gear and set out back to San Cristobal, knowing what to expect from the road this time. Went back to the same easy cheap hotel where they gave us the same room then across the street for some 25peso chicken tortas grabbed a twelve pack and here I am trying my best to remember all the details from the last five days. See ya soon.
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