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Originally Posted by willys View Post
I may have missed it.....usually do miss the important
What bike are you riding?
If not a street bike or you are competent on gravel.....research.....Salmon Glacier and Telegraph Creek as must see's. You will pass right by them on your way up #37......they truely are worth the time spent getting to them. #37 you will see more wildlife than at any other location along your trip from what I experienced. I just gave up counting the different number of many bears.
You also should research the D2D and think it too would be a great day or two to excellent event and Dawson a fantastic Goldrush town with plenty to do and see for a day or two.
Then it's Top of the World Highway into Alaska......more fantastic scenery!
Heated gear is key, also rain suit and the secret weapon a good sized tarp to hang over your bike and at the same time spreads over your tent to a centre pole. This way your bike is never wet to pack your equipment away in the morning, your tent never gets wet, it never gets packed away wet and you can live in the dry, even unpack in the dry once you have set this tarp up as soon as you stop for the night. It is the best way to deal with poor weather locations. Hope this helps. I carry a 16X20 tarp, just the cheap webbed variety and a 6 foot extendable pole, think extended tent pole to keep the opposite to the bike end up.

You will get soaked on your trip and this is a way to reduce this possibility.....
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Bears???? Did you say plenty of BEARS!?!?!
Yahoo! I've been in CA for a decade and have YET to see a freakin' bear!
Very good advice on the gear and much riding time in Alaska would be sufficient? I don't want to spend all day in the saddle but do want to see everything you mentioned.
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