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Now that I am a Floridian....

I guess I can comment here.
I gave up trying to convince folk of the idiocy of gun control. Heroin, crack, opium etc. are all illegal yet they find there way into the country into the country by the ton. Even large items you would think would be impossible to get in still make it. Look at the gray/black market cars and bikes here already.
Did you know a semi-skilled machinist could easily build an automatic weapon in the garage (Look into the history of the Sten gun)
BTW, the greatest mass murder in this country was committed with box cutters, not guns.
Guns will always be available to someone who really wants one. Even if they were all taken away from the general population they would still be out there (see how many have been stolen/lost by law enforcement and the military).
Look into the accounts of Poland during the nazi occupation. The resistance and criminals still were armed.
I have given up, the country is doomed and the only solution is to hit the reset button.
I am not the one for the job but someday someone will come around and inspire those around him and the button will be pushed.
A recent event springs to mind. Dorner.
Yep, the cop kiling cop.
How safe do you feel knowing a trained protector of the innocent is on the loose and out to kill? I know LA is all freaked out.
Remember these are the people you want protecting you and all your unarmed children.
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