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News to me ...

I was poking around on the BLM's Carrizo website regarding the wildflower bloom this season, and came across a link to their Travel Management Plan ... guess the last public meeting they had was June 30, 2011 ...

Here's a link to the minutes and some handouts ...

Last time I was through. a few weeks ago, I noticed some "road closed" signs I'd not seen before ...

More progress, I guess ... I didn't find anything more recent than 2011 ... anyone hear anything about the Travel Management Plan?

see you around the campfire.
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Minimization criteria

~Routes and trails shall be located to minimize damage to soil, watershed, vegetation, air, or other resources of the public lands, and to prevent impairment of wilderness suitability.

~ Routes and trails shall be located to minimize harassment of wildlife or significant disruption of wildlife habitats. Special attention will be given to protect endangered or threatened species and their habitats.

~ Routes and trails shall be located to minimize conflicts between off-road vehicle use and other existing or proposed recreational uses of the same or neighboring public lands, and to ensure the compatibility of such uses with existing conditions in populated areas, taking into account noise and other factors.

~ Routes and trails shall not be located in officially designated wilderness areas or primitive areas. Areas and trails shall be located in natural areas only if the authorized officer determines that off-road vehicle use in such locations will not adversely affect their natural, esthetic [sic], scenic,
or other values for which such areas are established.
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