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I like what some else said about renting a bike when you get to the area, and you might even find some dudes to go up there with you at the same time. I'm not good at dirt riding on a big bike being that something could go wrong when your trying to handle the big wheels, and that would suck if you got hurt.

A rented light bike will put so much more fun at seeing the veiw when you can pilot the bike with ease if you want to see the whole thing, and some other trails well you have the rent-a-bike. Keep your nice bike for the fun stuff so you don't end up with damages to it or your self. I did this with my V Strom that I have, even though I have 800 kms of crazy off road riding on it.

I just about ended up in a pickel with it on one venture, so I bought a small bike for this stuff. A big bike can get anyone into trouble, and I know that most of the folks that have gone up that pass consider this !!! You sound like you are a person who love to motorcycle, and if you do it right, you will motorcycle for a long time if you limit your self on the places you go with the bike you have. I'm closing in on my 50 mark, and I need to protect what I have from this point on being that I will not re-cope as fast as when I was young, so I don't take my V into this stuff.

This is just my opion, and I like to see my brothers on wheels enjoy what they can do with out going past the line. Lifting the bike is one thing, but lets say the bike is on top of you !!!

I would love to see this pass my self, and now I know that I need to do it on a lighter bike.

From Jeathrow Bowdean in Western Canada. PS: But then again, what would I know about this stuff being that I have never seen the pass, except on the video !!!
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