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Day 9 – January 20, 2013
We actually get to sleep in for a while today. The bed is great and on this rare day, Patty actually wakes up before me. We slept with the sliding glass door open last night. The sound of the ocean and fresh air made for a great night.

I'm still crashed out.

Patty grabs a few photos from the balcony while I’m sleeping.

View from our balcony.

Another shot from the balcony.

We make our way down to breakfast (included) and meet up with the rest of the group.

Crazy tree on the way to breakfast.

Breakfast is served to order in the restaurant and it is great. We want to relax today, so after breakfast we head down to the pool, lounge and enjoy 80 degree weather.

Trees near the pool.

More coolness....not me.....the tree.

View around the pool.

This is what I was dreaming of when I was stuck in the snow at home.

Taking a nap in the hammock didn't suck too much.

Dave was going to ride to down to Cabo San Lucas today because he has never been there. The rest of us have been to Cabo before so we don’t plan on going. When Dave gets out to his DR650 he finds he has a flat front tire. He comes to get me for assistance knowing I have patches and tools. I help him to get the wheel off. I forget what a pain it is without a center stand. Then I dig out my patches and an unopened tube of glue only to discover the glue is empty? John has made his way to us and pulls out his tube of unopened glue which is also gone? Evidently the glue evaporates or something even if it isn’t opened. Dave has a spare rear tube but not a front, so John grabs his spare tube. We get it aired up and back together. John makes a last minute decision to ride to Cabo with Dave. He is a little worried about Dave going alone.

While we are messing with the bikes, Patty and Jacque take a walk around the lagoon and out to the beach on the Pacific. When we get done, Dad and Dave leave for Cabo and I head to the beach to find Patty. The three of us relax and enjoy the beach.

A turkey vulture flew down and started picking at something on the beach so we walked down to see what it was.

We found a dead puffer fish. The vulture didn’t seem to be too interested in it and left.

Jacque headed back to the hotel while Patty and I stayed on the beach and ended up spotting some whales off shore! We decide to walk around the other side of the lagoon, just to check it out. That was a bad idea. It sucks! We walked thru deep sand forever before we get to a hard pack dirt road that heads back to the hotel.

The dirt road we came to after the hike thru the sand.

A trail just off the road as we walked back.
By the time we get to the hotel we are sweating to death and can’t wait to get in the pool.
Jacque was already in the pool and said it was cool, but nice. Patty tells me just to dive in while she tip-toes down the stairs. So….yeah, it was pretty cool. Patty got to her knees and bailed. I did a quick refreshing lap and got out. We decided to go to the room and rinse off in the shower instead.

We soon decide we are hungry and want to head to town to grab a late lunch and walk around. We start looking for Jacque to let her know we are leaving. To our surprise, we find Jacque but also John and Dave up on the terrace? I’m thinking “that was a short trip to Cabo?” They tell us they got a little bit out of town and Dave’s DR650 started running really bad then it died. They said it wouldn’t restart and smelled flooded. A local guy with a truck offered to pick up the bike and take them to the hotel but they were still messing with the bike and told the guy no. They soon regretted their decision. John had to tow the DR back to the hotel with his BMW!

The 3 of them decide to eat on the terrace while we head into town. Dave has a fouled spark plug so we will try to hunt one down while we are out. We will mess with the bike after some food and allow it to cool down outside. We jump on the bike, ride around town for a minute and walk to a little pizza place (Napoli I think?). We had a really good potato pizza, salad and toasted Focaccia bread.

While we were sitting there we watched a horse walk up the middle of the road.

He stopped at a corner to smell a pile of horse crap that we never noticed before. He looked around as if he was hunting for his buddy. Then some guy comes jogging up the road. I’m guessing this was the owner because the horse took off running as soon as he seen him.
We don’t see that every day!

Patty pulls off some Spanish to ask our waitress where to find motorcycle parts. She points out a few places on the map for us. Patty decides to walk down the street looking for the parts store while I go grab the KTM. We find a few places but nothing is open since it is Domingo (Sunday). Patty spots a small group of local guys all dressed in MSR gear and motocross boots. We stop and try to ask if they have a spark plug. They don’t speak English and Patty isn’t sure how to say “spark plug” in Spanish, After pointing to the motor and some other retarded hand signals I realize I have a picture of a spark plug on my phone (I have a DR service manual pdf). Sweet! Patty shows them the photo and asks if they have one. Nope. Damn. Oh well. We have a good time sort of talking to them. They are amazed with KTM. They point to 990 decal and then point to the motor and say “engine 990?” as their eyes bug out of their head. They say “muy grande!” I grin and say “si”. They pet the carbon fiber exhaust tips and give me a thumbs up. The ask “wheelie?” I smile and say “si, wheelie grande”. They give me another thumbs up for my highway pegs, They thoroughly check out the GPS, dash, all my switches. Then they ask “fast?” I could do this all day, lol….”si, si, muy fast”. The last question, “cuanto?(how much)”. Patty translates 13 thousand. At the same time I’m pointing at a custom oil cooler they have fabricated on to an old Honda XL185. I give them a thumbs up.

We head back to the hotel. Dad and Dave are outside with the DR650 and say they got it fixed. They were checking out the carb and found the pilot jet sitting in the float bowl! Sweet! Screwed it back in, cleaned off the fouled spark plug and the DR was running good again.

We headed up to the rooftop terrace to watch the sun set over the lagoon then headed down to the bar.

Not a bad view.

This is doesnt suck much either.

View of our room, top left. Dave's room is bottom left.

We found Dave at the bar and decided to grab some chips, salsa and a few drinks while we chatted about the trip. Relaxed from a few cocktails we decided to head down to the hot tub while it was actually on, lol, before 8pm. It was a nice to relax. We head back to the room, shower and chill on the balcony for a while before heading to bed.
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