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Originally Posted by CramerTV View Post
Hi Erik, thanks for the info. I'm still on the fence since Aces was my first two looper. It's not so much that my skills are horrible (though they are obviously not great) but more that my endurance sucks. I'm not looking to place - only finish. I may go up with the goal to sight-see as Mike suggested with the hope of finishing.

Also, I signed up online for Aces and paid $59 but when I went to get my fender card they said $54. Why the difference? Or is that Ryan's area of expertise?
Just for future reference (and for some reason I've been getting this a bunch lately) its E-R-E-K...

Check out my helmet cam from Idaho 2010 - Its my favorite race EVER! Terrible start though...

part 2

and my Utah Helmet 2010

No Idea about the costs. I do know that they add $2.50 to the entry on paypal. No idea why it would be cheaper AT the event. Thats a club thing. I doubt Ryan would know why.
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