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A previous post queried how these bikes would handle the summer heat...

For those of you awaiting the big 'defrost'... it's been around 105/41 degrees here for the better part of a week. My Terra has had no problem with the heat at all. You notice when the fan kicks in but I wear kevlar jeans all the time so I don't really feel the 'blowback' onto the leg. I do keep my toes on the pegs however, as the engine heat is noticeable on your feet.

I did have an overheating problem shortly after taking delivery of the bike, but that was only a bubble in the cooling system throwing off the temp sensor. Easily fixed & since then... no problems.

Lane splitting & filtering is legal here so I don't spend much time in slow traffic, but nonetheless, the Terra seems like it can cope with the heat. I'm lovin' it !!
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