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Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
The stock skid plate which came on my bike appears to be HDPE and it is most certainly welded, the Hyde Racing skid plate also looks to have some welds on it at well.
The Hyde racing skid plate on my DL is moulded, not a weld anwhere. I'm *very* happy with how tough it is, no problems with the right plastics being strong enough for this. The welding, not so confident.

I have plastic welded stuff, and the joins are weaker than the bulk material, it's a polymer - 'long chains of shit' holding it together, not metal - which is just irregular crystals jammed into one another. The problem is getting the 'long chains of shit' to bridge any gaps sucessfully, just melting it together is not guaranteed to work.

Not sayng you can't make a welded skid plate, just warning you that unlike metal welding where the joins can be as strong as or stronger than the bulk metal that's unlikely to be true with a plastic weld.

I'm happy for you to prove me wrong - but you asked if anyone had any experience - that was mine.

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