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Originally Posted by pip_muenster View Post
I only crossed through the area on a bike trip in 2004, so I haven't really seen it. (my avatar is from that trip) But the Catalonia area is somehow more tempting to me. Anyway, September is usually also very busy here, too. We'll see.

Ha ha - I didn't notice the Bull in the background! These 'Osbourne' bulls are getting pretty rare nowadays, although at one time they were almost a national symbol - for those that don't know the bull is a the trademark of the Osbourne sherry brand. After a law controlling roadside billbpoards and advertising most of them are just rotting away although I think one or two examples are preserved as a sort of heritage thing. My favourite is on the N2 in the Los Monegros desert - if you've got a coup,e of hours to spare take a look at Jamón Jamón, the archetypical film of the transition period - it's not only a brilliant film and was the debut of both Javier bardem and Peneolpe Cruz - whatever happened to them :) - but it's also very, very sexy - so I guess an 'Adults only' warning is required!

Back to Aragon - too many people ride through the region not realising that in those distant, apparently featureless hills there is some of the most spectacular landscape Spain, or even Europe, has to offer - hence the Aragon HISS!


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