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Rocker clearance

Originally Posted by England-Kev View Post
This is a general question to the long term owners of the V7 series engines, on the airhead boxer BMW engines, BMW changed the specified clearences of the tapRun your inlet atpets (valves) from the original spec to a smaller spec. Now I find the tappets noisy on the V7, this maybe because the valve boxes are out in the open and up near the rider, but I wondered if any of you had run the exhaust valves at a smaller than specified clearence?
The book says inlet at 0.15mm and exhaust at 0.25mm, but I wondered how it would run at .15mm and .20mm ?
Run your inlet at 0.15mm and exhaust at 0.25mm as specified . The V7 700 runs tighter clearances but don't be tempted to tighten the exhaust clearance on the 750 as you'll start burning valves on long fast runs. The top end is noisy on these bikes and this is normal.

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