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Recently I tried a Michelin Annakee as rear tire on my Enfield scrambler. On road it was great, off road jst as useless as any other road tire. On hard, unpaved, secondary roads it's fine, but on loose dirt/sand and in the mud (especially in the mud) it's useless.

I now have Heidenau K60's front and back. I love the off road grip, on road they are ok-ish, good enough for me. The only drawbacks: There is only one size tat fits. This means:
- The front tire and rear tire are equally high, but because of the wider rear rim, the rear tire is actually lower (instead of higher with the stock tires). This changes the geometry of the bike and you really feel that in a bad way on the road. The solution would be longer rear springs
- The size that does fit is quite narrow. In the mud and in loose sand my rear tire sinks really deep, big minus on the roads I like to ride.

I really like how the tires look on my bike.

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