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I did, and I tried it, but I have bigger problems with this TB. Basically the pulley that receives the throttle body has a shaft on it that connects into the body of the TB. From what I can see, this shaft is beginning to wear, and so the whole shaft/pulley assembly is beginning to wobble like a born bearing. I'm one day out from Ushuaia, so I hope that I'll be okay--and I think I will. This bike is so damn resilient...just so long as this damn TB does not physically blow up, I'm going to finish my trip, get the bike back to the US and then tear into it.

There is a time to tear into TBs and there is a time not to. As it turns out, I have decided that tearing into a TB in a foreign country to attempt a repair on a problem that is not a trip ender (yet) is not a wise use of time and energy. I'm therefore in finger crossing mode. As long as I'm making km, my predilection is to continue south...and then deal with this later.

Thanks for thinking of me!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!

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