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Originally Posted by EvanADV View Post
@Geek, cool test idea. I'm a photo geek too and have always been somewhat fascinated by HDR.

It's something that is usually overdone. I know I went overboard with it when I first dicovered it, and now try to tone it back.

I think a thin DOF inage looks okay with HDR if it's a typical object in focus on a blurred background. Whenever theres forground AND background bokeh, it gets a little messy. Also seems to work better on wide shots, usually landscapes or shots that have a lot to show, not as much on detail shots or close ups.That may be a false generalization, but it seems to sum up my opinion on what i've seen.

The idea of HDR is being able to see more dynamic range in a given scene than you can with a single exposure. That being siad, it lends itslef to certain kinds of shots more than others. Shallow DOF shots often get a lot of their impact from NOT having a whole lot of dynamic range.

My .02

Cheers to another geek.
I'm in agreement with this. I like HDR, but a lot of it is overdone. I was guilty of overdoing it also. The stuff I do now is much more toned down.
Someone somewhere wrote that HDR is great if you can hardly tell it's been done.
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