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Originally Posted by shebanano View Post
I have the broken bike in the garage and I have really wanted to ride in it. Please help me with the answers


I've been reading about the problems endemic Magura clutch systems and in many forums recommend riding these two options:

I disassembled the RECEPTEUR EMBRAYAGE KPL. 27MM OEM: 59032061044. I've cleaned perfectly and I've changed the O-ring. By introducing the piston and slide with the push of the fingers, I sense that the movement is not linear. I sense that there are many phases of slip resistance and the tour takes place in steps.
Immediately I thought this piston sliding leaps could be causing the sudden push happens when releasing clutch in first gear. Everyone talks problem clutch discs, but I think this irregular operation EMBRAYAGE RECEPTEUR may be causing the problem of clutch in first gear.
I think it's absurd to release the clutch lever gently, if after the RECEPTEUR EMBRAYAGE it translates the movement of the hand jerking.
Can anyone make any recommendations on this?. Any recommendations on Oberon or Sigutech system?.

Also I have problems in the clutch level. Oil oozing gum constantly. I disassembled the PISTON 11MM and can not replace the seals. There is no other option, you have to buy a new set OEM: 75002032000 for 40 .
I read in some forums that the MASTER CYLINDER CPL. Magura 11mm is not good quality. Some talk of installing one of the Brembo brand but do not know much more about it or if it's an exaggeration. My bike has 10,300 miles and oil oozes constantly. Can anyone make any recommendations on this?.

Thousand apologies for my English disastrous. Greetings to all.
I wish I could help you with your problem, but unfortunately I have no idea... Please don't worry as I'm sure that you will receive prompt help from other owners of this INCREDIBLE bike, or at least they can help you with some information

This is the good thing of these type of forums: We all can help each other, so that we can do things by ourselves, saving money and learning to repair the bikes while we are exploring the world
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