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Funny thing, I actually camped behind the Copec gas station (for free), and my bike was parked on this old washed out boardwalk, and I was thinking to myself, "Huh, that's weird. There must have been a major Pacific storm that came through here and wiped this damn boardwalk out." And then I went to sleep. I then woke up and had breakfast, and the place had WiFi, so I searched Wikipedia for Chaiten, and lo and behold the boardwalk had been wiped out from the damn river that cut the damn town in half for the damn volcano, which was the largest pyroclastic volcano since something like 1912. So I went exploring on my bike after breakfast, and was blown away by the devastation. It definitely put nature in perspective. I was floored.

In any event, thanks for the tip!
Well...glad to see that due to your observant nature and curiosity you were able to learn (firsthand) some of the history of Chaiten...rather than simply riding through the town like most of us would have done.

Interesting that your 'reasonable' explanation would be: Pacific Storm, Sounds like a high probability answer!

Who'd a thought that the better answer was "the largest pyroclastic volcano since 1912"...yikes.

Note to self: Never camp near rivers in mountainous terrain.

Another pic of Chaitan volcano erupting: if you see anything even close to this...get out of Dodge!

Ride on!

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