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Originally Posted by Wanderer2012 View Post
Ok cool, thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts and wisdom...
I never related to the headlight using so much power, currently has a H1 Bulb, 55w halogen, one only, but by the time we add in tail light, stop light, ignition, indicators, and a hit on the starter motor, i can see the battery getting a hard time... ~

How long would you expect a BMW Gel 19ah to last, Im very suprised having just bought my bike, to find its original battery still in there and going ok...~

Just a thought, How good a job does the BMW bike system do at charging the Shorai type battery, as it wasn't designed to do so... Think the listed output on my bike is 600w...

Thanks for the very informative thread to...

Cheers Jeremy
almost all 12v charging systems operate from 13.8v to 14.2v which mates perfectly with LiFePO4 batteries. since max charge occurs at 14.6v for LiFePO4, it's impossible to overcharge with a normal charging system.

properly taken care of PB based batteries can last a very long time indeed. best condition to store PB battery is fully charged.

AGM has the lowest self discharge rate for PB (LiFePO4 self discharge is lower yet) & tolerates overcharge abuse better than gel. which should not be charged over 14.2v-14.3v .. Gel batteries if overcharged can gas causing permanent damage.

AGM can also be damaged by overcharging but it's closer to flooded PB for charging characteristics. Flooded PB are most tolerant to overcharge of all the lead acid batteries.

600 watt charging system should be plenty to support most any electrical needs on your bike. Airheads got by with under 280 watts for decades. upgrades for Airhead charging system is only 450 watts.

Odyssey 925 AGM 26AH, weight 24lb vs Earth-X ETX36 at 3lb 11oz
recommendations is to go with AGM unless saving weight is more important than saving $$$.

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