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Ayers Rock/Uluru

We left Threeways early the next morning to make the Rock before sunset. It's always a bit worry some riding so early or late with the wildlife still getting around. I saw two beautiful pure bred dingoes trot off the road to stop and watch us ride past. I wish I could of got a photo of them but the moment was over in a flash. It was cool to see their light tan coats in the reddish morning light, a chill could be felt at this time of the morning because we were leaving the tropical climate behind for the desert interior.

First stop for the day, Devils Marbles. It seemed that out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around you come across strange formations. Strong man Hydro.
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Broken marble.
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Wycliffe Well, I can not confirm or deny this place apparently has the highest rate of UFO sightings in Australia. The whole fuel station was painted up with UFO and Martian scenes, eating breakfast I walked around the whole time reading all the newspaper clippings, reports and checking all the photos. Erie, as we had planned to stay here if not for the Threeways hospitality the previous afternoon...
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A town called Alice.
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Hey Paul (pzs) sorry I didn't catch up with you in Alice Springs, but sincerely appreciate the offer of a place to rest and work on the bikes!

We briefly stopped in Alice Springs. As Hydro is a proud truckie, we took the time out to check out the "Roadtrain Hall of Fame". This place was filled with amazing memorabilia of transportation equipment. The stories, photos, machinery were great to browse through, you could of taken days in there to appreciate it all fully. We were like kids in a toy shop going from one awesome display to another. They certainly did things a lot tougher back in the "olden days"!
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