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You could always put it past your wife to sell the ducati and with the same money buy a Vstrom and dual sport. Win-win.

At least you recognize it's not a dual sport, or even an adventure bike. You'd be surprised how many swear that bike is the "do it all wonder". They are nice bikes though. I'd get one for ADV Touring.

Sure, you can flog them down whatever you want. I used to ride the odd gravel road on a supersport bike. It's do-able, but I won't recommend it. haha.

I've given up on dealerships here long, long ago. I've only taken one of my bikes to one dealership a long time ago. I refused to deal with all stealerships hearing the horror stories and dealing with them on buying simple things in store. Of course, they did it wrong and tried to charge me for things I didn't authorize. I even clearly stated I didn't want it done when I brought the bike in. The reason I had to take it in was for a recalled swingarm. That dealership is now out of business (Aprilia / Ducati)

It's more rewarding and most times cheaper to do the work yourself. The benefit here is you LEARN. Not only how to do it, but the mechanics of your bike. It's the first step to kicking dealerships and their 120$/hr charges.

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