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Day 11 "Hippies, Redwoods and a seaside tire change"

This would be the very 1st morning we would wake to see this:

Thats not rain.
Thats the Pacific influence. And it's very noticeable from what we had experienced up until arriving here.

We pack up, eat and head out once again. 11th day into this trip and all was well so far. Except for my rear tire. It was unusually spent.
Just down the road from the lodge, we are back on our route and......

Todays weather ?
Yep, it was.......

Back on the dirt taking FS road:

The Bear Basin

Nice northern California riding here. We notice the tree species are changing.

We are headed to Crescent City a seaside town for lunch, but Tony will route us through the Redwoods first.

OK, this was very cool and part of the overall trip experience. We pop out on the South Fork of Smith river. Everyone ahead of me, in the corner of my eye I see this:
"The Cool Bus"

I grabbed a handful of brake and rounded up the bike. I just had to check this out. I mean how many times in my life will I be back here ? Never right ?

A elderly couple who lived in the woods, in the bus ! "The Cool Bus" as was painted in it.

Yea, this was northern California ! I was meeting the genuine article. This is what these trips are all about. Not a hobby or an act for them. They lived it in their hearts. A true piece of Americana.
They give me a tour.

One of the 1st questions he would ask me, and genuinely:
"Is marijuana legal in NJ" ?

Sure, our political views were 180' apart I'm sure. Me being very conservative and he a free spirit. But we are both Americans 1st, and I was dam glad to meet him and shake his hand. I admired his freedom and care free lifestyle. Something very alien to me and my life in NJ.

They will probably live care free and old enough to bury me !

Redwoods up next !
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