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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
not sure what you mean by "bad shape"....the road surface is fine, it's just a parking lot certain hours of the day depending on which way you're going.

instead of a toll lane, I wouldn't mind seeing an elevated lane that goes all the way around with no off-ramps, for thru traffic.

Well, I am comparing it to the toll road. You know the spot where it transitions from toll to public? That's my standard. The reality is, it's a cash cow if tolled just as the e-470 is. However, it will push a fair amount of traffic off road if fully tolled onto side streets just like Gun Club is during commute times.

Maybe they fixed it, but there was a bad spot located on the on-ramp between I-25N and C-470 EB. Then again, I-25 is no picnic either. Much of the "free"way around here is in rough shape, at least to me.
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