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$120.00/ hr is the off- season rate. They have to pay for the bling-y showrooms and shops somehow, and I understand that. All I ask is that they do the work right and stand behind it. When that isn't the case then I can't and won't justify the cost!

Hell, there was a time I would let them do tire changes for me. I watched while the "mechanic" ripped off a valve stem from a tube (that he forgot to loosen the nut from) while pulling the tire off as if it were tubeless. Then they tried to tell me it was an old rotted tube. When I shut them down (I bought the tube 2 months before, from them) , they gave me a new HD tube no-charge. It would have been a different story if I had not been standing there, watching. That was the last time a paid to have someone change a tire for me. Anger and disgust can be great motivators to learn a new skill.

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Sad thing is their "tech's" are often very green, or unskilled all together, yet they still charge 120$/hr. Tire changers are often highschool students and the like.

120$/hr isn't cheap, but for some things yes it might be worth it, but most often not. It's strange how mechanics make the same or less then most trades, but get charged out at nearly twice the price? Never did understand that. Oh yea, like you said, it's so they can have fancy show rooms with bikes that sit there and don't move because they gouge AND hire a ton of staff that know next to nothing about our industry and riding in general.

I made this comment on another forum and a store sponser made a bad comment about it, but I go into stores expecting the worse, so in the rare event they have or know something I come out happy. Going in expecting something is the wrong approach and normally leaves a sour taste in the mouth. This was in relation to gun stores, but same thing applies. I'm also into precision shooting.

What I do love and look forward to is either receiving incorrect information, or better yet the blank face received from asking a question that the person working at the store has NO idea about. Blackfoot is good for that one. The last time I had that I was asking about suspension shims for re-valving suspension. It went through nearly every person in their parts department like a domino effect of blank, dumbfounded faces. haha. GW (for honda parts) seems to be the best in town and often surprising how fair their pricing on parts can be. I always check there before buying stateside.

I'm excited to ride this spring but I know it's a long ways away. Even easy, non-pass trails will likely have AVY debri. This season hasn't been too bad so maybe things will be accessible earlier. I'd like to get some early season DS and camping in.
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