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Originally Posted by Montague View Post
I did quite a few trips towing a pop up tent trailer with my K100, it was never really an issue on the road. Adjust for breaking distance, lower fuel economy, length of rig around obstacles, etc.

Only incident was stopping on a steep hill and not getting on the brakes hard enough or soon enough.......

Hmm.... A tent trailer is likely heavier than what I would pull, and a K100 is maybe 150-250 pounds lighter than my Road King. No dirt or gravel roads for me with a trailer, but I'd assume that twisty 2 lanes aren't a problem, just go slower? I've also heard that a bike with trailer handles better than an overloaded bike. I know there's a huge handling difference in the Road King when I have all of our crap strapped on.

Originally Posted by crampfan View Post
I've had a Bushtec for 20 years. I've pulled several different trailers before I made the decision to by the bushtec. at the time it was the safest motorcycle trailer made. I love mine.
What made the others not good? Or did you just want a Bushtec? I can't spend a whole bunch of money here, that's why I was looking at the Harbor Freight frame and work on it from there.

Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post

I know a inmate who tows behind his Wee strom. Trailer? Wee strom? That should "really" fire Dakez up.
I like his setup so much I've been thinking of duplicating it. I'll see if I can get him over here to comment.
COBDR and UTBDR on my klx250:
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