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wheels hopping and strange vibrations,,, F800GS,,,???,,,Part #2 = Rx

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Hey Woody
Thanks for your input. I was almost ready to post to your thread and got looking at the front tire real close. Looked to me like it was wearing a bit uneven at the various wear-bars. Was able to talk the local touring bike rental place out of a new tire they had in stock. Put the new tire on and problem fixed.

So will have to wait for awhile to see if the problem has gone away or resurfaces. I'm thinking it was either: Bad tire, Dyna-Beads clumping or something with the wheel.

I got 40% less mileage out of this tire than I did the last TKC80 I had on there. So, if the problem arrises again, it probably won't be because of the tire, it won't be Dyna-Beads (took that tube out a while back), it will be something with the wheel. If that is the case, I'll post the situation up on your thread and see where it goes from there.

Again, thanks very much for your time and help


hi steve,,,

good on ya for figuring it out,,,out of wack tire falls under the ''turn/spin wheel and you'll see the defect' portion of my self help routine

FYI out of round wheels are the first cause of tires wearing unevenly,,,and the second cause is highway miles at speed especially off camber roads cause cupping to occur,,it is more pronounced on knobby tires[they flex more]

do i have your permission to cut n paste our correspondence to the ask woody about your wheels thread??
[i'll edit it for simplicity !
enjoy,,happy chinese new year and safe travels

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