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Well, I mostly just lurk, but seing as these are my stomping grounds I thought I could chip in my 2 cents.

As Schizzman says, do check out flyngdutchman's RR:

That being said, that route is a fairly smooth, wide gravel road. It becomes rutted during the rainy season, but the last few months have been pretty dry, so it should be in good shape. The Intruder's suspension should handle it Ok.

However, Google tells me an Intruder is a carbureted bike, so depending on how it's jetted it could really struggle to make it up there. My old Honda Interceptor would huff and puff riding the paved roads at the base, I don't think it would have pulled 3rd gear up the gravel road.

This is taken on a different route up than the one you'll take, but it works as a reference of about the worst surface you can expect:

Clouds for reference on how high it is, mall crawler to prove it should be easy for any bike, dog for scale on the size of the rocks
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