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There actually IS a way to achieve this, but it could be painful....depending how well you want to perfect it.

You must build an AFR table with the proper inputs for best fuel economy (only). What those values actually are across the grid (RPM vs TPS increments) is the crap shoot. But your Tuner might have some excellent suggestions AFTER finishing his work.

Plug those numbers in the table, then flip on the AT switchand go ride the bike down the slab a fair bit to let the AT trim the fuel adjustments to hone in on the target AFR's. Then, immediately get back on Dyno to see what the AT adjustments are producing. That should tell you where, if any, you need to make any further adjustments to the AFR entries in the AFR table. And, you'll feel better about your AFR settings being proper. Remember, you are after maximum fuel economy here....but certainy don't want to be running too lean, of course. This will predominantly be your "cruise" mode.

If you get that sorted out, then it's:

Switch Off = Max Power (running Dyno produced best fuel table)

Switch On = Max Fuel Economy (running AT trims to hit AFR table)

Works great!

As I mentioned, I simpily populated my AFR table with 13.2% in every cell. Probably didn't get maximum fuel economy possible, but I had to draw a line somewhere! I was already three separate Dyno runs into my WRR project at that point, not to mention everything else. But, I was very happy with the result.

Hope all this makes since to you. The instructions that came with my PCV & AT we're rather lacking to put it kindly. The Dynojet techs (on phone) tweren't much better help at the time. They couldn't (or wouldn't) recommend AFR values to load into that Table. Took me a while to figure out the AT unit wasn't doing a darn thing while the AFR table was empty...duh, you have to give it a target to hit. Stupid Me...

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