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Originally Posted by crampfan View Post
Never once had an issue like that DAKEZ...but I ride a harley, so breaking the rear tire loose is not much of an issue is it?
found this, a bit corny at the end, but you get the idea.
Nice trailers for sure, but $2000 for their cheapest model is a bit out of range right now.

I've seen different ideas for the swivel hitch, but I don't know that it's really needed. For every guy that says you need one there's 3 or 4 more guys that don't have one.

Originally Posted by foxtrapper View Post
I've also towed trailers with my bikes.

It's noisy. Largely from the noise reflected back at you from the trailer. But also the engine pulls harder, and the trailer makes noise itself.

Make sure your hitch on the bike is solid. I've made several over the years. Very solid ones work fine, wiggly ones give you nightmares.

Most motorcycle trailers are overbuilt and excessively heavy. I had one for years that weighed 40 lbs. The whole trailer. That pulled nicely.

Bigger wheels spin slower and easier than tiny wheels. Matters a whole lot on the interstate.

It's not the potholes that get you, it's the barriers around gas pumps and such. When you forget there's a trailer back there.

Always think through the turn around. Backing with a trailer on a bike is not fun.
I was thinking that if I go with the Harbor Freight trailer I'd probably dump the 8" tires for some skinny 12" ones, and do as much as possible to keep everything light.

According to the ad it weighs 130lbs, I'm thinking I can easily keep it under 150 with the box mounted and bigger tires. Maybe under 140. The bushtec trailers range from 125 to 140, so I'm in the ballpark. I might even be able to come in under the advertised weight, since I'll be removing one leaf spring per side and possibly shortening the trailer or changing fenders.
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