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Originally Posted by Brian011952

Nice, you seem to be packing more gear on the Hussy these days. As the weather gets colder, I do the same thing. I did something similar with my rear subframe/fender assembly too. I am planning to run the Tour of Idaho at the end of July or first part of August. I'm having trouble finding anyone with cajones enough to go along in my circle of riding buddies, so I'll probably be soloing like you seem to do. I guess it'll be just me and my SPOT. I'm still riding back and forth to work in the snow and on the ice, can't wait for the mounains to start to thaw around here. I'm envious of your ability to ride during the winter down there. Anyway, nicely done on the bike and if you get bored around the end of July/beginning of August, well you look pretty dang self sufficient you're welcome to come along on the Tour of Idaho.

Thank you, yeah winter time travels take a warm/bigger sleeping bag and some extra clothes, I still try to keep my pack to a minimum when possible. When the opportunity arose to grab some firewood while at high elevations for the night I jumped on it, not much wood in DV. That's a fair amount of weight on the plastic subframe, but it help up for another 100 miles of dirt road/trail riding just fine. Good stuff.

You'll have a great time on the Tour of Idaho, I rode it a few years back on my F800GS and while I can't claim I completed the challenge according to Martins requests, I did ride 90% of it and was able to ride some of the more difficult single track, like the King Pete Trail. Massacre Mountain proved to be too much for me on a big bike, solo, loaded with camping gear. Was fun to try though.

I would love to do it on the Husa, especially if treating it like an endurance race to see how fast it can be done. Was hoping to do it this coming year, and if timing works out I'll let you know. 2 Husa's are better than one.
You will need to have at least a 200 mile range for one section, even more if they don't have gas in Shoup though so be prepared. Nothing a Safari tank and an MSR bag can't take care of on our efficient bikes.
You can get tires in Pocatello, and in Coeur D'Alene so having 3000+ mile tires isn't really needed IMO, and you'll want good traction for the ride, most of the "tough" sections are on the southern part, but wet weather sure could change things everywhere. I was lucky and had dry conditions most of the way.

Here's photos from my trip, though I did the TAT from the east, then the CDR, then rode the Tour south from the Canadian border, then finished the western TAT. Oh man how I would love to do this ride on the Husaberg!

As for tires, I killed the Tractionator Enduro I/T in less than a thousand mile recently, EXCELLENT performance, but like as a I/T softer tire it didn't last too long. Tractionator Desert H/T going back on the husa soon for my SoCal traveling needs.

Tractionator Enduro I/T

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