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Originally Posted by Paratrout View Post
I have a 2008 KLR that is making a rattling sound at 3k rpm. It sounds like a loose heat shield. I checked the heat shield and it is in good shape and the noise is still present when the shield is removed. I checked the header nuts and they felt nice and tight. I'm totally lost as to where this obnoxious sound is coming from. It has not affected performance at all it is just annoying. Any thoughts on where I should be looking?
Is there a radiator shield like on the Gen 1's?

Check to see if the mounting screws on the radiator or overflow tank are up against part of the mounting brackets. Thos will make a rattle and it's kinda hard to find.

Your best bet is to take a gloved fist and hammer around on various parts until you hear a rattle, you'll eventually find it that way.
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