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Originally Posted by oj may View Post
After 2 seasons of using the backhoe with a 12" bucket, I am thinking that a ripper tooth in place of the bucket is the way to go for stump removal. I am hoping there is a lot less back filling and it should tear through the larger roots much easier and make it less work to get the larger stumps out. Your thoughts?
If a ripper tooth is the same as we call a "frost tooth" it will in fact rip through things easier than a bucket, but it still has it's limits. If you want to work on stumps you may get frustrated by the fact that you can't angle the tooth under the stump, unless you have a wrist.

There are other benefits to this setup as well- if you had to dig a shallow trench for something like an invisible fence, or a direct bury electrical cable, you'll find a tooth does a pretty sweet job and makes less mess.
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