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Originally Posted by pyranhajim View Post
i'd like the best way to get there - so i'm trying to navigate those back roads - and finding some good routes etc.

so i pick a waypoint in the middle of nowwhere - some 50 miles away or so - and would like to find the track or route to this place which would have the most fun. i'm able to do this on the iphone -

"best way to get there", "good routes", "have the most fun" ? No software is going to do this. How does it know what you think is best, good, or fun? I think best is a trail or Jeep Raod, software written by some city guy thinks fastest or shortest is best. I want the long slow way.

What you are doing now is for if you are in the middle of nowhere and really need gas, find the closest gas waypoint (in City Nav in your GPS) and say "go".

Like said above, City Nav will have every public road (state, city, and all dirt county roads) plus most main forest roads. You can make a Route on you PC and download it but also as said try making a Track on PC and download it. But bottom line, it is your job to decide on "best" and "fun" way to go. This is after you get PC software and learn about Routes and Tracks.
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