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Originally Posted by TurkeyRun View Post
Great advice guys, thanks!

It's been a couple weekends now, and here's what I've gotten done:
  • Watched a bunch of the DVDs, found a Maintanance and Repair manual in PDF, visited the dealer that originaly sold the bike, got printouts of the service records from 2002-2006
  • Installed a new Westco Battery from BeemerBoneyard
  • Motor oil change
  • Trans fluid change
  • FD fluid change
  • plugs change (gads - ya should have seen the rust on those things!)
  • valve adjustment
  • idle/TB sync
  • hydraulic fluid check (needs changing, but I'm getting to that...)
  • Title transferred
  • North Carolina state safety inspection (it passed)
  • Insurance/license plate
  • Windshield mounted
  • Right side plastic ordered/purchased/installed
  • About 90 miles on it zipping up and down the country roads out by where I live
w00t! This thing is FUN! It sounds much better with the above work done on it than it did on that video from the first weekend. Thank you, thank you, all for the pointers and links. I've been sucking up this BMW info like a sponge. They seller's brother works where I do, and has been a great help too.


Good to hear that you are enjoying it.

Rusting up of the plugs exterior is common.

Ride on! see you out there somewhere
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